In one of Rachelle’s first responses to me after her initial inquiry last September, she made a statement: “After our first date, I knew Jay and I could be best friends. While it has been a shorter engagement, we have been intentional in seeking The Lord and those we love and trust.” and y’all, I […]

Engagement Sessions

February 8, 2019

Jay & Rachelle II Engagement Session


Y’all, I am SO incredibly excited for this blog post!! With the holidays and the inevitable sickness that always sweeps through our house right around this time of year, (’tis the season, am I right?!) I may be a little later than I was anticipating in this post but, I promise it’s absolutely worth it! With a […]

Best Of

February 4, 2019

Best of Weddings: 2018


  There will always be five. Despite receiving absolutely heart-breaking news on December 26, 2018, I firmly believe that I will always celebrate being a mama to three precious little babies. I’m sure there are a million questions: “Why share so soon? Isn’t it too raw? Why share at all? Can you really grieve someone you never […]


February 2, 2019

A Personal Life Update: Celebrating Life in All Stages


One of my favorite perks of this job is watching our clients grow. Photographing sweet Bella’s first birthday photos was such a treat and getting together with the Whitman family again two years later for her little brother’s turn was no less! Whitmans, thank you so much for letting us into your life for this […]

Family Sessions, Mini-Sessions

October 12, 2018

Whitman Family II Cornwall Iron Furnace II Fall Mini-Session


Meet the most down-to-earth, fun-loving family of all time! Seriously, y’all. The beautiful. The messy. The raw. The real. Mon and Mike just celebrate it all and I’m forever convinced that the world needs more of exactly that. Throughout this fall mini-session, I couldn’t help but think that if anyone has completely achieved learning to […]


October 11, 2018

Kreider Family II Fall Mini-Session II Conrad Weiser Homestead


We had the chance to meet Ryan and Megan at Ryan’s brother, Austin’s Lauxmont Farms, July wedding. We absolutely loved their down-to-earth nature then and it was no surprise that they had me laughing throughout their entire recent family session. Every pose just came so naturally to these three and my gosh, how adorable is […]

Family Sessions

October 7, 2018

Megan & Ryan II Cornwall Iron Furnace II Mini-Session


Can you imagine if you could know your best-friend from day one? These three sweet girls have that privilege and it was the most precious thing to photograph. But, so much more than that was the love that this mama and daddy have for their babies. We also got the chance to celebrate baby Xena’s […]

Family Sessions

September 15, 2018

Morales Family Session II Stauffer Park